eventsMorocco Wins 11 Medals at Int’l Inventions Fair in Istanbul


29 Sep

Morocco Wins 11 Medals at Int’l Inventions Fair in Istanbul

Istanbul – Morocco won 11 medals, including two gold and four silver, at the 5th International Inventions Fair (ISIF’20) in Istanbul, Turkey, held from August 5 to September 27.

The awards ceremony was held online, on Monday, in the presence of Alireza Rastegar, President of the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA) and Habip Hasan, President of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.

The jury awarded two gold medals to the Moroccan School of Engineering (EMSI) for its “Smart System for Sterilization and Hygienic Product Distribution (SMART-DPH)” and “Smart Micro-wind System for an Auxiliary Electrical Energy Production.”

EMSI also won silver medals for two inventions: “Micro Hydro-aeolian Production for a Positive Energy Building” and “Intelligent, Efficient and Digital Hospital Management Ecosystem.”

Two other silver medal went to the National School of Administration (ENSA) of Fez, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, for its”Parabolic Bifacial Solar Panel with the Cooling System” and to an independent Inventor, member of the OFEED Association, for his invention “Enduring Sterilizing Unit.”

Bronze medals were awarded to the Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI), Mohammed V University, for its “Smart Network Antenna Patch in technology Microstrip for Detection of the Breast Cancer,” to ENSA Fez for its “Smart Wristband Disinfectant to Help in Covid-19 Fight”, to an independent inventor, member of the OFEED Association, for his invention ”The Hexagon Rotor Rotary Engine”, and to an independent Inventor from Salé for his invention ”Auxiliary Engine”.

This is the first time that Morocco wins 11 medals, president of the OFEED Association, Majid Bouazzaoui said, adding that among 18 Moroccan participants, 11 were rewarded. One of them, Mohamed Yalouh, is only 15.

The Moroccan innovations that were submitted to the ISIF’20, which displayed 590 inventions, were selected during the Innovation Week (IWA 2020), held online from September 8 to December 19, 2020.

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