CompaniesASLAN: First Modular Utility Electric Pickup Unveiled at COP22


10 Nov

ASLAN: First Modular Utility Electric Pickup Unveiled at COP22

Marrakech, 10/11/2016 (MAP) – The first EV pickup vehicle was unveiled for the first time at the UN Climate Change Summit (COP22) in Marrakech.

It’s a modular utility pickup (100% electric) characterized by a very versatile design and connected car features.

This EV pickup has been developed on the basis of a modular and scalable platform that will be used to develop a range of vehicles for clean urban mobility.

It allows all its users to enjoy the latest innovations and technological trends, comfort, power and safety.

ASLAN is a connected vehicle. It can remotely communicate information on, among other things, GPS positioning, its route and its battery level.

It can be controlled remotely to adjust the temperature, guarantee its safety and to send messages to the driver.

100% electric, ASLAN respects nature and the environment and can be charged at home, without any special charging system.

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