newsAverage Cumulative Rainfall up 88% to Feb. 6, 2023 (Minister)


07 Feb

Average Cumulative Rainfall up 88% to Feb. 6, 2023 (Minister)

Rabat – The average cumulative rainfall recorded since the beginning of September 2022 until February 6, 2023 has reached 72.4 mm, up 88% (38.4 mm) compared to the same period last year, said Monday Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Baraka.

“During this same period, our country has experienced snowfall on the reliefs of the Atlas and Rif. The maximum area covered by snow was 28,480 Km2” on January 29, 2023, said the minister during the weekly session of oral questions in the House of Representatives.

According to Baraka, it snowed 15 days between September 1, 2022 and February 6, 2023, compared to 12 days during the same period in 2021-2022.

“The average area of snow presence per day during this period is 5,720 km2 against 4,480 km2,” he stressed, reporting nearly 30% more snow on February 6 compared to last year.

In addition, he added, the dams show an average filling rate of 31.9%, against 33.8% on February 6, 2022. Reserves reached 5,136.9 million m3.

Baraka also stressed the need to take swift action to avoid the impact of water shortage in some regions.

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