sliderCOP22: Presentation of 3S Action Plan for Africa


10 Nov

COP22: Presentation of 3S Action Plan for Africa

Marrakech, 10/11/2016 (MAP) – Morocco and Senegal organized on Wednesday as part of the COP22, which is taking place in Marrakech, a side-event to present the 3S Action Plan for Africa, an initiative to support sustainability, stability and security in the continent.

One of the officials of NEPAD Fund for Climate Change, Kwame Ababio, said, during the meeting at the Moroccan Pavilion, that this initiative aims to shed light on means to face the dangers threatening Africa and the goals of this Action Plan by 2025.

It is also meant to prevent hazards from climate change through the implementation of appropriate programs of warning and monitoring, as well as the promotion of green jobs, said Ababio.

Under the Action Plan, at least one million young people will be trained and benefit from new jobs in agriculture and adaptation to climate change by 2020, and 250,000 villages in Africa will have access to information concerning early warning systems for disasters (natural, civil and wars), to energy, besides a mutual insurance system for the sale and purchase of agricultural products and exchange of labor.

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