InstitutionsCOP22 was Great Success That Honors Morocco, Royal Office


17 Nov

COP22 was Great Success That Honors Morocco, Royal Office

Rabat, 17/11/2016 (MAP) – The 22nd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22), held on Nov. 7-18 in Marrakesh, witnessed a great success that honors Morocco and fosters the trust and credibility it enjoys internationally, said the royal office in a statement.

“Morocco proved its capacity to bring to a successful conclusion this global event, which was marked by the reception and presence of several heads of states and governments, as well as many figures mainly men of politics, media outlets and civil society organizations. All eyes were on Marrakesh and Morocco rose to the challenge. This is an unprecedented event in our country as it involves the future of humanity and considering the number of participants and the conference results,” it said.

On this occasion, HM King Mohammed VI thanked and voiced his esteem for the laudable efforts made by the organizing committee and the steering committee, as well as the different local and territorial authorities, the national police, the military and auxiliary forces, the private sector stakeholders, civil society organizations and inhabitants of the city of Marrakesh in general, the statement added.

HM the King also lauded the spirit of responsibility, commitment, strong mobilization and positive adherence shown by all actors concerned to ensure the success of this international summit, it noted.

Morocco takes pride that the measures taken and the rigorous organization of this global event did not affect the everyday life of Marrakesh citizens. On the contrary, they have shown openness and adherence, in their own way, to this unprecedented event which did neither impact the serenity of tourists in the said city, the statement concluded.

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