LeadersCrédit Agricole will Be First Financial Partner of Generation Green Strategy (Sijilmassi)


19 Mar

Crédit Agricole will Be First Financial Partner of Generation Green Strategy (Sijilmassi)

Rabat – The Crédit Agricole du Maroc (CAM) was the main donor of the Moroccan Green Plan and will, in the same way, be the first financial partner of the new Generation Green strategy, underlined Tariq Sijilmassi, chairman of the bank’s board.

Within the framework of this strategy, the CAM will play its natural, historical and legitimate role, a fully recognized role of undisputed leader in the financing of the agricultural sector and the rural zone, affirmed Sijilmassi in an interview with MAP.

“We have a particularly strong and firm civic responsibility towards our natural target, which is the agricultural world and the rural zone in general, and we intend to exercise it through a firm commitment to support the dynamics generated by the 2020-2030 Generation Green”, he said.

He recalled that the bank was strongly mobilized within the framework of the Moroccan Green Plan whose achievements largely exceeded the initial commitments.

Sijilmassi indicated that the CAM is setting up a specific mechanism to support the two broad lines of the Generation Green strategy.

For the component relating to the sustainability of agricultural development, “we are fully mobilized with operators and sectors and we will support them by all the means necessary to achieve their objectives”, he said.

For the component “priority to the human element”, we have developed specific offers dedicated to the development of collective agricultural lands and the promotion of entrepreneurship of young people in rural areas, jointly by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, he said.

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