newsMorocco Deeply Concerned about Climate Change Challenges, Says Baraka


17 Mar

Morocco Deeply Concerned about Climate Change Challenges, Says Baraka

Morocco, which is committed to better management of water resources, is deeply concerned about the challenges posed by climate change, said on Friday in Rabat the Minister of Equipment and Water, Nizar Barka.

Speaking on the occasion of the presentation of the guide on the integration of climate change in the management of water resources at the scale of a watershed, prepared by the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, Baraka highlighted the challenges related to the problem of overexploitation of water resources and their scarcity.

He also recalled that HM King Mohammed VI, in his speech at the opening of the first session of the second year of the 11th legislature, stressed the importance of water resources as an essential lever for the development of productive sectors and the need to strengthen the water management framework to ensure its sustainability, on the one hand, and to support the agricultural sector and work effectively for a green recovery capable of withstanding climate change, on the other.

Baraka also welcomed this initiative taken by UNESCO to highlight the problem of the impact of climate change on water resources in Morocco. In this context, the Minister listed the measures taken by the Kingdom to take account of climate change in water policy and the efforts made to adapt the water sector to these effects.

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