newsMorocco, ‘Key Player’ in Green Energy Development in Region (Ambassador)


25 May

Morocco, ‘Key Player’ in Green Energy Development in Region (Ambassador)

Rome – Morocco is “a key player in the development of the green hydrogen sector in the region and can capture up to 6% of the global demand for green molecules,” said Tuesday the Kingdom’s Ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla.

Morocco has developed an energy model that is conducive to the production of green hydrogen, based primarily on the rise of renewable energy, said the ambassador at a conference on the priorities of sustainable energy transition in Africa organized in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the ‘Renewable Energy Solutions for Africa’ (Res4Africa) Foundation.

The roadmap themed “Green Hydrogen, Vector of Energy Transition and Sustainable Growth” that the Kingdom has adopted, opens substantial prospects for industrialization on the entire value chain namely desalination, renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind), electrolysis and green chemistry, Balla noted.

“Morocco has begun, for ten years, a revolution in terms of deployment of renewable energy, posting ambitious and proactive targets for capacity to be installed to exceed the cap of 52% by 2030,” said the Moroccan diplomat.

Thanks to the enlightened vision of HM King Mohammed VI and the ambitious energy strategy of the Kingdom, Morocco has risen to the rank of “regional leader in renewable energy,” he added.

For Balla, Morocco has initiated a regional dynamic to create an economic and industrial sector around green molecules, particularly hydrogen, ammonia and methanol. This dynamic aims to consolidate the energy transition by helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support the decarbonization of partner countries, he explained.

Morocco “abounds in huge opportunities in the renewable energy sector that make it a priority partner in the Euro-Mediterranean basin”, Balla stressed.

It also offers investors a competitive and favorable business climate with many advantages in terms of green business, he noted recalling that the World Energy Council had identified in its study “Roadmap Power-to-X”, Morocco as one of six countries with a strong potential for production and export of hydrogen and green derivatives.

This meeting, organized by the “Res4Africa”, a foundation created by the Italian multinational energy company Enel, was marked by the participation of political figures, including the Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Marina Sereni, MPs and experts.

Res4Africa is a Foundation that works for the just energy transition of Africa in order to achieve the MDG7, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.

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