newsMorocco to Get 19 Waste Landfill Centers by End of 2019, Official


29 Apr

Morocco to Get 19 Waste Landfill Centers by End of 2019, Official

Fez – Morocco will get, by the end of the year 2019, nineteen waste landfill centers, including 11 under construction, said state secretary for sustainable development Nezha El Ouafi.

Speaking at a meeting held in Fez on the project “for a better waste management in Morocco”, the official said that waste landfills are a priority for her department, noting that the challenge faced now is to turn 25 uncontrolled garbage dumps into waste landfill centers.

A debate on effective management methods is under way as part of the Kingdom’s new development model, said the Secretary of State at this meeting, initiated by the Association of Natural Science Teachers (AESVT), adding that Morocco is one of the most exposed countries to climate change given its geographical location.

During this meeting, the AESVT officials presented the recommendations resulting from the various consultation meetings on the technical evaluation study of Law 28-00 on waste management and the national program on household and similar waste management, as well as the specifications of companies in charge of management.

The association called for the revision of this law and the legal redefinition of waste, which could be upgraded, and recommended the revision of the specifications to better adapt them to the current mutations.

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