InstitutionsMorocco’s Lower House Shifts to the Use of Renewable Energies


03 Nov

Morocco’s Lower House Shifts to the Use of Renewable Energies

Rabat – The House of Representatives (lower house) has started the use of renewable energies from the outset of the current parliamentary term 2021-2026, the House says in a release.

This action is a part of its engagement in the national policy on the use of renewable energies, protection of the environment and energy efficiency, the House points out.

In this regard, the House of Representatives has already installed more than 670 solar panels on the roof of its building to produce 420 kW annually as a first phase, the source says, noting that this quantity covers one-third of the House facilities’ energy needs.

Furthermore, in implementation of the “Ecological Parliament” plan, the House has started using a new generation of eco-friendly equipment.

The use of renewable energies falls within the framework of a plan developed by the House to preserve the environment, namely through reducing the use of paper by 90% and the shift to electronic transmission of documents and data.

The United Nations Environment Programme included the building of the House in 2017 amongst the ten historical buildings and landmarks around the world to be lit in green on the World Environment Day (June 5th), as a part of the initiative of “Connecting People to Nature,” the source recalls.

The House has implemented this UN initiative as a part of its engagement in this worldly citizen celebration and the policies of the Kingdom that aim to protect the environment and its commitment to fulfilling its obligations towards humanity.

In addition, “the choice of the House to rely on renewable energies is a model and highly symbolic action as the building of the House is classified as a national historical heritage,” the release concludes.

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