newsPoor, Vulnerable Bear Brunt of Climate Change


23 Feb

Poor, Vulnerable Bear Brunt of Climate Change

United Nations – Despite being the least responsible for climate change, people living in low-income countries are four times more likely to be displaced by extreme weather compared to those in rich countries, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

”Much more needs to be done to anticipate, and plan for, the extreme weather events that put millions in need of urgent assistance,” warned the UN humanitarian office in a statement.

Without drastic efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the humanitarian impacts of climate change will be far worse in the decades to come, it added.

“In 2019, 34 million people globally were acutely food insecure due to climate extremes, and weather-related hazards triggered some 24.9 million displacements in 140 countries,” OCHA concluded.

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