newsSustainable Phosphorus Management: OCP Group Joins ESPP


12 Jul

Sustainable Phosphorus Management: OCP Group Joins ESPP

Casablanca- OCP Group, a leading global producer of phosphate and fertilizer, joined the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) to promote sustainable phosphorus management.

“The group will share its expertise and best practices with more than 40 ESPP members as well as its vast network of researchers and industrial stakeholders to explore new and innovative ways to optimally use this resource,” OCP said in a statement.

The OCP Group extracts, processes, transforms and exports phosphate products from the world’s largest known phosphate reserves to date in Morocco, to its customers worldwide, targeting farmers in Europe, Africa, America, it recalled. The group’s purpose and mission is to “maximize the positive impact of phosphorus”.

“We are pleased to become an ESPP member. Phosphorus is a vital resource and we are committed to maximizing the potential of this resource, through innovation and R&D to continue to create phosphate products that help feed the world sustainably,” said Hanane Mourchid, OCP Group’s Director of Sustainability & Green Industrial Development, quoted in the statement.

OCP is engaged in efforts to study and develop means to effectively recycle phosphorus after its initial use to reduce the amount of mined phosphate required to produce the same quantity of food.

It has worked with more than one million farmers to educate on the importance of sustainable fertilizer application to maximize yields while preserving the integrity of the soil.

The group has developed more than forty customized fertilizer formulas for maximum efficiency and sustainable application, and to explore new technologies and products such as bio-stimulants and slow release fertilizers, among others, with the objective of an optimal consumption of the phosphate resource.

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