regionsMarrakesh Hosts International Conference on Toxicology


15 Dec

Marrakesh Hosts International Conference on Toxicology

Marrakesh, 15/12/2016 (MAP) – The 6th international conference on toxicology opened, on Thursday in Marrakesh, under the theme “Toxic vigilance: concept, methods and tools”, on the initiative of the Moroccan Society of Clinical and Analytical Toxicology (SMTCA).

Speaking on this occasion, SMTCA president, Dr. Naima Rhalem, said that this year’s edition is an opportunity for stakeholders to present the post-COP22 (UN Climate Conference) recommendations, hoping that these recommendations can be used to encourage researchers in toxicology to introduce the climate aspect into their research in the future.

For his part, president of the French Society of Analytical Toxicology (SFTA), Professor Jean Claude Alvarez, said that this conference is an occasion to have instructive clinic-biological exchanges with Moroccan researchers, by tackling important themes on rare poisonings, noting that Morocco has, for ten years, witnessed “a true scientific evolution” in the field of toxicology.

This two-day scientific meeting is attended by 150 eminent experts and researchers from nine countries, namely Algeria, Belgium, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Mali, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia, in order to discuss several themes, notably “measurement, counterfeiting, errors and drug poisoning”, “addiction, drugs and alcohols”, “environmental toxicology”, “heavy metal poisoning “,” poisoning by pesticides “and” envenomation”.

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