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09 Nov

Media House Set Up in COP22 Green Zone

Marrakesh, 09/11/2016 (MAP), The Dar Media “Media House”, is an open space in the conference Green Zone designed by and managed through the COP22 steering committee communications team and dedicated to engaging with Moroccan and international media.

The goal of Dar Media is to ease the interaction between the press and conference participants. The 250m2 space is made up of an interview corner, partner kiosk, Medi1Radio and Atlantic Radio studios and a press conference room (40 person capacity).

During the High-Level week from November 14 to 18 the Dar Media space will be co-organized by the Pvblic Foundation through the installation and management of a Digital Media Zone that seeks to animate discussion and debate around the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in particular the one dedicated to the fight against climate change.

The Pvblic Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses the power of media to foster social change. The organization uses existing and emerging communications technologies to raise awareness on important issues like climate change.

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